why Soncini

Why Soncini: the Machines, the Exclusive Patents

The daily search for perfection, the use of first quality materials and the philosophy of our founder Alberto Soncini have allowed to create a small reality that turned through time into a recognized and famous firm all over the world.

A territory historically recognized for the development of the mechanics and the food/agricultural culture, has contributed to the creation of simple but effective plants and machineries.

Today, after years of production and innovation, Macchine Soncini Alberto S.r.l. proudly boasts references from all over the world, from China to the US, from Australia to South America, being itself a reference for sector professionals.

Why Soncini: the Spare Parts

Our spare parts warehouse includes more than 5000 items, so to promptly guarantee substitutions and restorations all over the world.

A simple and effective system of historical filing for our Customers allows us to track quickly also customised or special pieces.

Why Soncini: Assistance and Revisions

Qualified technicians are able to intervene on place for all settings: electronics, information technology, mechanics, to minimize downtime.

The cooperation and the excellent relationships developed over time with our Customers, has allowed us to set up a routine maintenance program.

In our factory we can make partial and total revisions; the latter, in addition to the technological upgrading may in some cases be upgraded also to new materials, allowing us to release also food certifications, according to current regulations, with a brand new full 12 months warranty.

Why Soncini: Prototypes

The pair (Company + Customer) helps constantly Research and Development on the pair Machine/Product. Thus a Soncini prototype is born. Once tested in effectiveness and performance, it becomes a produced and customised machine, patended as well.


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