Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel
Output: ~ 230/240 pieces/h

Available versions:
– right/left unloading station

This machine will automatically gouge the femoral part of a cured ham.
The operator manually positions the ham, according to whether it is a right or left leg, onto the loading station. A safety photoelectric barrier protects the loading area. The gouging machine is composed of a revolving unit featuring 2 contrasting gouges. These are installed on a double swinging piston with guides that point to the circumference of the “femoral ball” adapting to it as if the operation was done manually.
The detachment of the meat from the “femoral ball” occurs in several phases (normally 3). Gouges penetrate smoothly and progressively up to the height of the knee articulation. This operation has been developed in such a way as to avoid, as much as possible, chipping the bone or damaging the product. After such an operation the product is automatically ejected.

The machine stands out on the market for the large achievable output and for its operating precision, which make it a safe investment even for very high potential automated boning lines.

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