Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel
Output: ~ 600/800 pieces/h

An automatic machine to remove salt from the ham made of an upper blowing outlet fed by a stainless steel blower and a rinsing and final dripping station. Rinsing is carried out with nozzles to spread the water over the entire product surface. Water is fed from the mains (3-4 bar) where a centrifugal pump increases the pressure to about 5-6 bar.
This area is protected by guards – self-propelled to facilitate cleaning – which separate the salt removal area from the dripping area.
Dripping occurs by means of two upper blowing outlets and one lower outlet to direct the air onto the entire product surface.
The air is suctioned from the upper part of the machine where it is cleaner in such a way that the air blades can remove the salt and drip the ham in maximum safety without contaminating it.
The salt removed is conveyed to the outside into a marl provided.

The machine stands on the market for reliability and ease of accessibility of each single component, combined with ease of implementation of operations end production.

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