AISI 304 stainless steel structure
Overall dimensions:
– Width: 1230 mm
– Height: 2000 mm
– Depth: 1585 mm

Supply voltage: 400 V (50 Hz)
Air operating pressure: 8 bar
Production: ~ 140-260 pieces/hour

Automatic single-station gouging machine with stainless steel pneumatic cylinders and fittings.
This new machine is constructed for automatic gouging of the femoral part of cured raw ham. It is made of an orbiting unit equipped with two opposing gouges fitted on a double oscillating piston with relative guides that aim at the circumference of the rump so that they can enter the ham and adapt to it as if the operation were carried out manually.

This machine stands out on the market for its compactness, the high productivity achievable and the easy accessibility to each single internal component with evident benefits for overall cleaning and during maintenance operations.

It carries a new orbiting group with a speeded-up inverter (compared to previous versions), equipped with 2 opposed gouges aiming at the circumference of the rump, replicating the manual operation.

New touch screen control keys and new easy-to-read color keyboard also while processing.

The operator simply manually places the ham in the loading station (protected by a safety photoelectric barrier).
The gouging operation occurs fully automatically as does the unloading of the finished product to the side of the machine.

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