Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel
Output: ~ 160/180 pieces/h

New concept machine, particularly suitable to automatically carry out the stitching operations of boned raw ham with a double and crossed cord, which gives the product an appearance of careful artisanal processing.
The operator simply places the ham ‘on its side’ in the dedicated cradle which automatically moves up to the grooved striker plate compressing the two edges of the rind. The patented double-needle system moves forward across the entire length of the cut part and then turns back to complete stitching of the product.
The cradle moves down and the operator can remove the processed ham and immediately start with a new production cycle.

The machine stands out on the market for the high output that can be achieved and for the easy accessibility of each single internal component part, with evident benefits as regards general cleaning and maintenance. The innovative aspects compared to previous models are also centred on obtaining a simple and versatile operating tool, which is therefore also suitable for small and medium-size companies.

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