Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel
Output: ~ 600/800 pieces/h

– Additive doser unit
– Salt drying unit

A fully automatic machine capable of performing pre-salting and salting operations of raw ham, speck, bacon and similar products irrespective of their type, cut and size.
Rubbing, normally with moist salt, is carried out with a set of special rubber brushes located on the sides and bottom to rub the product during transport to the salting area. During salting, normally with dry salt, the machine supplies a curing amount (pre-mixed) precise and constant over time.
Born of the long experience in the sector, the machine allows highly customisable processing in relation to the specific requirements of the customer.

Compared to the conventional machines, it stands out for its precise and reliable management of the production process made possible by using an electronic control for the salting dosing unit which allows easily controlling the amount of salt to spread on the product.
In addition, it does not continuously need to be fed with salt in the pre-salting area, as this area is fed by the salt dispersed outside the product profile during salting. The product rubbing units are fed by only two clearly visible and inspectable horizontal screws. All the product processing and transit areas are easy reachable and inspectable for final cleaning.
The possibility of integrating a dosing unit for additives such as spices, flavouring or similar, and a control unit to manage the moisture of the salt loaded in the mixing tank complete the offer.

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